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P25 / TETRA Network Planning using EDX SignalPro
Integrated Mission-Critical Network Planning Using EDX SignalPro
Capacity Constrained Smart Grid Design
A World With No Wires: Planning Integrated Wireless Networks
Planning of Integrated Smart Grid Wireless Systems
A Route Based Approach to PTC RF Design

Smart Planning for Smart Grid AMI Mesh Networks

Consider building data, topography and more when building out smart-grid networks

DTV Planning Considerations

LTE Network Design using SignalPro

The Successful Design and Marketing of a Rural Wireless Broadband Network

Analysis Techniques for WiMAX Network Design Simulations
Data Sharing Across the Enterprise
The Application of Land Use/Land Cover (Clutter) Data to Wireless Communication System Design

Mobile WiMAX Physical Network Best Server Modeling

The Dollars and Sense of Broadband Wireless - Ordering Information

The Dollars and Sense of Broadband Wireless - Free Preview

WiMax Uplink and Downlink Design Considerations

WiMax System Performance Studies
Using LIDAR Data in Wireless Communications System Design
Simulations of Channel Capacity and Frequency Reuse in Multipoint LMDS Systems
The Impact of Building Database Resolution on Predicted LMDS System Performance
Telecom Developments Ring in New Data Needs
Estimating 28 GHz LMDS Channel Dispersion in Urban Areas Using a Ray-Tracing Propagation Model
Improved Diffraction Coefficients for Lossy Dielectric Wedges
Building Corner Diffraction Measurements and Predictions Using UTD
New 2D Physical EM Propagation Model Selected
Coverage Prediction for Digital Mobile Systems
A Second Generation 3-D Ray-Tracing Model using Rough Surface Scattering
Site-Specific BER Analysis in Frequency-Selective Channels Using a Ray-Tracing Propagation Model
Assessing the Effect of DS-CDMA Chip Rate on RAKE Branch Statistics Using a Ray-Tracing Propagation Model
Direct Calculation of Coherence Bandwidth in Urban Microcells Using a Ray-Tracing Propagation Model
Optimizing Microcell Base Station Locations Using Simulated Annealing Techniques
Digital Terrain Database Structures and Accuracy Requirements for Propagation Modeling
A Ray-Tracing Propagation Model for Digital Broadcast Systems in Urban Areas
Theoretical Polarization Diversity Studies in an Urban Microcell Environment
Radio Broadcasting
Using Your PC for Signal Propagation Prediction
Measured Data Transmission Performance for AM Broadcast - VHF Radio Distribution Automation Communication System
Signal-to-Interference Ratio Statistics for AM Broadcast Groundwave and Skywave Signals in the Presence of Multiple Skywave Interferers
Short Range Skywave Field Strengths From Tall AM Broadcast Towers
Systematic Bivariate Analysis of AM Field Strength Measurement Data
Location Statistics of AM Broadcast Groundwave Signal Amplitudes
Computer Simulation of FSK Data Transmission Impairments on FM and AM Subcarriers
Theoretical Performance of Binary Coherent PSK on AM SCA Channels
A Uniform Cell Propagation Data Base for Mediumwave Allocation Studies
A Technique for Digital Information Broadcasting Using SCA Channels
A Computer Program System for Predicting and Plotting Mediumwave Broadcast Groundwave Field Strength Contours
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