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SmartGrid / Energy

Smart Planning for Smart Grid Networks

EDX SignalPro with the Mesh Network Module is a wireless network planning software that offers unparalleled capabilities for the successful deployment of Smart Meter and Distribution Automation RF Networks. With over 25 years of wireless industry expertise, EDX has focused on developing an unrivaled and extremely versatile toolset, built upon industry standards yet designed to fulfill the evolving needs of the emerging Smart Grid market. Using SignalPro with the Mesh Network Module will result in an efficient and cost effective network design that ensures planners meet quality, reliability, coverage, throughput and cost goals.

With features such as automatic router and repeater placement, capacity constrained analysis and support for large-scale mesh design, SignalPro is the tool of choice for leading AMI companies, RF equipment manufacturers, smart meter providers and Utilities in the deployment of advanced Smart Grid wireless networks.

This planning software platform can also be leveraged for the design of industrial wireless networks for Oil/Gas/Mining/Renewable Energy applications. The platform supports the planning of SCADA, Microwave, Land/Mobile Radio, other Point-to-Multipoint technologies and Industrial Mesh Wi-Fi

EDX® SignalPro®+Mesh Network Module

The Mesh Network Module is an add-on module to EDX® SignalPro® for designing, deploying and optimizing Smart Grid AMI, Small Cell, Distribution Automation, Wi-Fi, M2M and other wireless mesh networks. It includes intelligent pre-sales tools, automatic router and repeater selection, real-time repeater selection and traffic loading. The Mesh Network Module supports Small scale mesh networks (2000+ nodes), Large mesh network (200,000 nodes) and MegaMesh® networks (1 Million+ nodes).
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A comprehensive, general-purpose, wireless network engineering tool that offers all of the study types you need to design a basic wireless network - area studies, link/point-to-point studies, and route studies. SIGNAL also incorporates the finest telecom-specific mapping features, meticulous equipment data storage capabilities, and convenient utility functions.
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