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Management Team

Harry R. Anderson, Ph.D., P.E.

Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Anderson founded EDX Engineering, Inc. in 1985 to produce software for designing and planning wireless communications networks. Through EDX, he pioneered the use of ray-tracing radio propagation models for broadband wireless systems design.  Prior to EDX Engineering, Dr. Anderson performed a variety of consulting and research activities through H.R. Anderson and Associates, including the development of advanced physical propagation models for VHF, UHF, and microwave frequencies. Dr. Anderson began his career in 1972 with Hammett & Edison, Inc., and then with Harris Corporation. His activities with both organizations encompassed the planning of radio systems, characterization of radio-wave propagation, and the development and automation of propagation prediction and engineering studies. Dr. Anderson also formed PHYwave, Inc. in 2000, to pursue a variety of technology-related activities, and continues that endeavor.  Author of more than 40 papers published in IEEE Transactions and other journals, Dr. Anderson has twice won IEEE Transactions’ Best Paper of the Year Award. He is the author of the reference text "Fixed Broadband Wireless System Design" published by John Wiley & Sons in 2003. Dr. Anderson was awarded the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Bristol, U.K., received the M.S.E.E. degree from Oregon State University, and the B.S.E.E. from the University of California. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in California and Oregon.

Ted G. Hicks

Vice President of Engineering. Mr. Hicks is responsible for overall management of the product development and technical support operations at EDX. Joining the company in 1996, his forty years of radio communications experience provides a strong foundational set of skills and insight. He is widely recognized as a key knowledge-holder in wireless system planning and design. Mr. Hicks began his career with EDX in 1996, and has been involved in all aspects of technical support, development, training and testing. Prior to EDX, Mr. Hicks provided engineering services and support as a consultant with Ridgeline Wireless Technologies. He began his career as a Broadcast Engineer, and has served as Director of Engineering for radio stations across the western United States. Mr. Hicks earned the B.S. degree in speech and physics from the University of Oregon.


Scott A. Blumberg, Ph.D.

Executive Director of Software Development. Dr. Blumberg is responsible for all aspects of software architecture and programming. Dr. Blumberg retains special skills in numerical methods and graphics programming. Dr. Blumberg, who joined EDX in 1998, has held a variety of research and software development positions since 1973, including roles at Hewlett Packard, Stanford Research Institute, Perkin Elmer, Signetics, and Fairchild Semiconductor. Prior to EDX, he worked in Symantec's project management organization. Dr. Blumberg's research led to his developing new computational methods for solving quantum mechanical problems in amorphous solids, and solutions to Schrödinger's equation employing supercomputers using sparse matrix methods, Gaussian quadrature, and orthogonal polynomials. He attended Cambridge University as a visiting scholar, and was conferred a Battelle Energy Research Fellowship. Dr. Blumberg was awarded the Ph.D. degree in physics from the University of Oregon, and earned the B.A. in physics at Harvard College.

Greg Q. Leon Director of Business Development. Mr. Leon is responsible for identifying, developing and pursuing new market opportunities within the broad wireless industry.  Mr. Leon joined EDX Wireless in 2006 and has actively contributed to the sales, marketing, support and product development teams.   Prior to EDX, he was a researcher at the Mayo Clinic.  Mr. Leon holds a B.S.E in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Iowa.  In addition to his role at EDX, he is pursuing a M.S. in Telecommunications from the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program at the University of Colorado-Boulder where he is a Digital Energy Fellow. 
Steve Webster

Director of Sales Engineering. Mr. Webster joined EDX in 2009.  In this role, Mr. Webster brings his extensive engineering experience to the EDX sales team by working  with EDX’s customers to match the capabilities of EDX products to their wireless network planning requirements. Mr. Webster has worked for 20 years in RF Engineering and Management roles in a variety of Wireless Industry organizations, including wireless carriers, consulting firms, site development firms, equipment vendors, and infrastructure (tower and DAS) providers in the US, Europe and Asia.   Prior to working in the wireless industry, Mr. Webster worked in the 1980’s for a university R&D lab developing complex radio network simulations for defense customers as well as for a large defense contractor to develop advanced communications electronic warfare systems. Mr. Webster holds a BSEE from Clarkson University and an MSEE from Johns Hopkins University.

Brian T. Cochran Director of Support Services. Mr. Cochran joined EDX in 1998, and is responsible for technical support, customer training, and sales support.  He has contributed a wide array of skills to activities throughout EDX.  Mr. Cochran served in previous support and management positions with Best Software and with Frontier Communications. He holds the B.S. degree in telecommunications and film from the University of Oregon.

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